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I'm very... passionate... about art.

((Some more smashing 9 things: ))………





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United States
:iconthesourceplz: :iconthesourceplz: :iconthesourceplz: :iconthesourceplz: :iconthesourceplz: :iconthesourceplz:

Hello... my name is, well, um, you know. Six. So, One says I shouldn't be out here talking to strange strangers, but I was so curious. It gets boring sitting in that old abandoned church sometimes, like when Eight hides my ink jar and I can't draw anything. I draw all the time. I have to draw, it... it makes me feel just... whole. Fixed. Not insane at all, no matter what the others say. S-sorry... am I babbling? They say I do that sometimes. May I introduce myself?

Name: "Six, just Six."
Race: Stitchpunk. One of the nine creatures created by the source.
Gender: Male.
Home: The old abandoned church, out in the emptiness.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: Quiet, child-hearted at times, slightly mad, passionate (to the point of possibly being obsessed) about his art.
Abilities: Drawing.
Habits: Drawing.
Likes: Drawing.
Can usually be found: Drawing.
Dislikes: Being creatively stifled/shut down/approached with anger or agression (usually by One or Eight).
Flaws: Insane, non-confrontational.
Allies :iconanycartoonrp-five:, :iconanycartoonrp-nine:, Three, Four, Two, and, um, well, I am a little of afraid of Seven, but she is very nice when she isn't hacking away at Things with her spear, so I suppose she is my ally as well. Then there are the two humans, Marci and Mabelle, who now live with us. One was... not happy with this arrangement. But, I like them. Quite a lot... And now there's Z. He's a stitchpunk like me, but... I've never met anyone like him before. However, it doesn't seem to bother him that I'm... you know. He even draws with me sometimes. I still feel bad about injuring him when we first met. And Maria. Maria is a good friend."
Enemies: We... we're all afraid of the beast... except maybe Seven. Then there's that man...
6 Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall Catch Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall The Source Stamp by Rorell 3 and 4 Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall 5 Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall 2 Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall 7 Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall Run Stamp - 9 by TechnoRaverCall 9 Smile - 9 by TechnoRaverCall 9 by velka

Six is the artistic portion of the Scientist's personality. He sees things the others in the group don't see. 6's fingers are made of ink pen nibs, which he uses to draw.

(( This is the part where I say goodbye to all the people I loved RPing with on this account. But seriously, there's no point in saying goodbye. I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be here... only you won't know who I am. :iconwoooplz:


Unless you pay any attention to my journal entries. Then you'll probably be able to find me.

Kbye.  ))


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ThyneOwnSlave Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy birthdaaaay! :D
NinjaTurtleFangirl Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Artist
Hi 6. :) My name is Robin and I just wanna say that it is very nice to meet you. I love your artwork by the way when you draw the source. :)
TFPMiko Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student
Miko picks 6 up in her hands.
 "Ooh, you're so cuuute! Where are your friends? Are they hiding?"
TFPMiko Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student
Oh my God 6 is on Deviantart. OH. MY. GOD.
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(OH MY GOD, 6~
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AnyCartoonRP-Six Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
(( Mine too~ ))
(( But how did you find me here?! I'm not even active on this account anymore! ))
IfThatPleasesYou Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
(I don't know, exactly...I just kinda stumbled on. XD)
AnyCartoonRP-Six Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
(( You know who I am, right? It's ~c-rane. :tighthug: ))
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